20 Best Gifts For Hikers 2022

20 best gifts for hikers 2022

It's hard trying to figure out what to get friend's and family for Christmas or birthdays. Our 20 Best Gifts for Hikers 2022 guide takes away that stress. We've compiled a list in order of budget, of all our best sellers and things hikers most want !!!!

Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $30

  • CNOC BUC Food Bag $24.95
  • Insulated Food Pouch Cozy $21.95
  • Gadget Bag $25
  • CNOC Vesicle 1L Water Bottle $25.95
  • Dyneema Ditty Bag $18.95
  • UL Hiker Stuff Sack From $18.95

Gifts Under $50

  • UL Hiker Dyneema Dry Bag From $25
  • The Deuce #2 Hiking Trowel $34.95
  • CNOC Vecto 2L Water Bladder $34.95
  • Toaks 750ml Titanium Pot $59.50

Gifts Under $100

Here's a better look at our
best selling gift ideas for 2022


Folding Foam Sit Pad

When you need to stop for a break and all that's around are spiky rocks, scratchy logs or wet ground for a seat, just pull out your hiking folding foam sit pad and take a load off.

Lightweight, small, portable, foldable, easy to carry.
Waterproof, moisture-proof and one of our best sellers!!

hiking folding foam sit pad

Folding Foam Sit Pad ---->

Waterproof Pack Liner

These bags are perfect for giving your pack an extra layer against water and moisture. Ultralight, completely waterproof and tougher than a garbage bag. Simply fold over the top to seal out moisture from above. 

waterproof backpack liner

Waterproof Pack Liner --->

Wilderness Wipes

Made from extra thick non-woven fabric, these Sea To Summit Wilderness wipes will help freshen you up while hiking. At the end of a hard day, these Sea To Summit Wilderness Wipes are soft and gentle on your skin and will do wonders removing salt, grot and grime and unpleasant odours, with no need to rinse.

sea to summit wilderness wipes 12 pack

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes --->


Most of us love a good cuppa in the morning and while you're out hiking is no exception. The Sea To Summit X-Mug is a great size holding 480ml and collapses completely flat. It's so compact and easily fits in your hiking food bag

sea to summit x-mug

Sea to Summit X-Mug --->



Help your hiker optimise lightweight cooking with a sustainable solution: the Buc is a food bag for cooking hot meals or cold soaking ingredients. It offers a wide opening with a sturdy slider taken from our true and tested Vecto for pouring, mixing, eating and cleaning.


cnoc buc food bag

CNOC BUC Food Bag --->


It doesn't matter if you use commercially dehydrated backpacking meals or dehydrate your own into freezer bags, keeping them insulated while rehydrating is the key to saving fuel and cooking meals faster.

ultralight hiker insulated food pouch cozy

Insulated Food Pouch Cozy --->


Easy roll top closure and virtually waterproof makes it a perfect bag for electronics, medical kits and personal hygiene products. Light weight, extremely strong and waterproof.

ultralight hiker gadget bag

Gadget Bag --->

CNOC Vesica 1L Water Bottle

The Vesica is a collapsible, reusable and light water bottle that behaves like a hard bottle for easy drinking on the move. Simply carry 1L of water and stow away when empty.

CNOC Vesica 1L Water Bottle

CNOC Vesicle 1L Water Bottle -->


Add this ditty bag to your hikers gift list. They are a nifty little ditty which make storing smaller items easy and organised without adding extra weight.

ultralight hiker ditty bag

Ditty Bag --->


Our Ultralight Hiker stuff sacks help you stay organised and keep your pack weight in check. Made from 0.08oz Dyneema Composite Fabris with a light weight draw cord, taped and sewn seams, they will ensure your gear is protected.  

ultralight hiker dyneema stuff sack

Dyneema Stuff Sack --->



These bags are the perfect way to keep your pack organised. Handmade here in Australia from 1.0oz DCF, the roll top closure is supported by 1/2" webbing, is fully seam taped, with an UL side release buckle for easy closure.

ultralight hiker roll top dry bag

Dyneema Dry Bag --->


Been looking for the perfect ultralight cat hole digging trowel - The Deuce #2 trowel has got you covered! Handle up for soft soil or handle down for for more digging power the Deuce ultralight trowel is revolutionary!

the deuce #2 backpacking trowel

Deuce UL Hiking Trowel --->


The CNOC Vecto water bladder is a soft, collapsible water container. It has a dual opening system which allows for easy filling from a wide opening on one side and a narrow mouthpiece on the other. Use the CNOC Vecto water bladder for drinking or as part of a water filtration system.

CNOC vecto 2L water bladder

CNOC Vecto 2L Water Bladder --->


Perfect for 1 person, it fits a small gas canister, gas stand and a lighter inside and comes with it's own protective bag.

Toaks 750ml titanium pot with lid

Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot --->


UNDER $100

DCF Food Bag

When it comes to hiking we all need somewhere to store our food. Our dyneema food bags are made from tough 1.43oz Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) formally cuben fibre with taped seams and roll top closure. They'll keep your hiking food safe and dry while out on the trail.

ultralight hiker dyneema hiking food bag

DCF food Bag --->


Our simple fanny pack waist bags are perfect for the basics - phone, keys and wallet with room for some essentials or a snack or two.

UL Hiker fanny pack

UL Hiker Fanny Pack --->

Shoulder Pouch

Never miss a photo opportunity with this super convenient shoulder pouch for your backpack. It is the perfect size to store your phone and other frequently used items like sunglasses, snacks and chapstick or even a small camera.  

ultralight hiker backpack shoulder pouch

Backpack Shoulder Pouch --->


Get ready for one of the most versatile and compact headlamps NITECORE offers. The NITECORE NU25 headlamp packages three outputs (white/high CRI and red) into an ultra lightweight body you can wear comfortably for hours on end.

nitecore nu25 hiking head lamp

Nitecore NU25 Headlamp --->

Befree 1L Water Filter System

The Katadyn BeFree 1000ml water bottle and filter gives you the freedom to drink anytime, anywhere. Ultralight and fast water filtration with the award winning Katadyn BeFree 1.0L. Effective against microorganisms. 

befree 1.0l water filterBefree 1.0L Water Filter System --->