Waterprooof Poly Pack Liner - 57g

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Waterproof Poly Pack Liner

Waterproof Poly Pack liner bags are perfect for giving your pack an extra layer against water and moisture. Ultralight, completely waterproof and tougher than a garbage bag. Simply fold over the top to seal out moisture from above. You can patch them easily with packing tape.

Great for packs of any and all sizes (just cut it down to fit smaller packs).


Material:          Poly 
Dimensions:    70 x 94 cm 
Capacity:         72L
Weight:            57g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ingrid McCarthy
It works!

Got one of these for our first multi day hike. The end of the first day was a waist deep creek crossing and the bottom of my pack was in the creek. But my sleeping bag was nice and dry inside the pack liner! Worth it.

Kenneth Gailer
Backpack liner

Yet to test the liner but it feels a lot stronger than the garbage bag I used on my last hike. This one has to withstand the rigours of the Larapinta in June and I'm hoping it keeps the red soil out of my gear

Ryan Miller
Great Pack Liner

Bought this in prep for a 3-day backpacking trip and it worked a treat! Gear stayed dry (didn't experience any heavy rain though) and the pack liner felt super stable and durable. Was a little worried about it fitting as I was borrowing a mates larger (65l) pack but it fit perfect. Works well with my 40l pack as well.

Marie at Simply Trekking
Great liner

Really pleased with these liners as they can withstand a fair amount of rough handling and great value even if we have to replace after many teens have used them. thank you.

Durable pack liner

I can't comment on the waterproofness as I did not get caught to a sufficient deluge but it did survive a 7 day hike with just a small hole which I suspect is from me stuffing something a bit too eagerly! The large size is a good fit for a 65l pack with plenty to spare.