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If you're anything like me, having a nice hot meal at the end of a long day hiking is heaven.

It doesn't matter if you use commercially dehydrated backpacking meals or dehydrate your own into freezer bags, keeping them insulated while rehydrating is the key to saving fuel and cooking meals faster.

Our up-cycled insulated food pouch cozy are perfectly sized for single/double serving pre-packaged freeze dried and DIY freezer bag meals. 

The reflective insulation keeps food hotter for longer and the velcro top flap seals in heat for efficient rehydration.

Made from car windshield insulator we have up-cycled the materials to produce a freestanding insulated food pouch cozy, which is compressible and folds down to a very small size.

Note: Food packaged in freezer bags or commercially produced meals to be placed inside the pouch cozy in its packaging not tipped directly into the pouch cozy as a reheating vessel.

Weight: 20g
Size: 23 x 20cm

Customer Reviews

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Saves fuel, time and money

I used the pouch to prepare a 115g pack of Continental gourmet risotto (absorption method). Simply opened the rissoto pack poured in boiling water from my cat can alcholol stove, folded over the top of the pack , placed in the pouch and waited 25 mins while I pottered around. Perfectly cooked risotto and only used 30ml alcholol and no clean up of a pot needed! Also the risotto sells for about 2 bucks as opposed to the expensive freeze dried packs

A great product

Wonderful for heating dehydrated food bags. Even if you leave the food to rehydrate longer than it states on the food bag, the insulted pouch keeps your food piping hot. Leave your food in their while eating and you won’t burn your hands on the food bag.

Essential food pouch

If you use dehydrated meals the food pouch makes the difference between an ok meal and a great meal. Leave it in the pouch for half an hour and it will still come out steaming which means your food is fully hydrated and hot and yum.