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Ultralight Hiker

Insulated Food Pouch Cozy

Insulated Food Pouch Cozy

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If you're anything like me, having a nice hot meal at the end of a long day hiking is heaven.

It doesn't matter if you use commercially dehydrated backpacking meals or dehydrate your own into freezer bags, keeping them insulated while rehydrating is the key to saving fuel and cooking meals faster.

Our up-cycled insulated food pouch cozy are perfectly sized for single/double serving pre-packaged freeze dried and DIY freezer bag meals. 

The reflective insulation keeps food hotter for longer and cooler when hiking in hot weather. The velcro top flap seals in heat for efficient rehydration.

Made from car windshield insulation, we have up-cycled the materials to produce an insulated food pouch cozy, which is compressible and folds down to a very small size and stands up on it's own.

Note: Food packaged in freezer bags or commercially produced meals to be placed inside the pouch cozy in its packaging not tipped directly into the pouch cozy as a reheating vessel.

Weight: 20g
Size: 23 x 20cm

Don't forget your Ziploc Freezer Bags

Made in Australia.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Gary Harvey
Handy item...

Looking forward to using for my dehydrated and freeze dried meals.

Insulated Food Pouch Cozy

Food pouch is perfect. keeps my lunch cool when out on a day hike with the use of a small freezer block.
Haven't used it yet for heating.

Jannine Bloesch
Cozy pouch

Very happy with this product, used it with a dehydrated meal , kept my dinner hot & tasty whilst it sat in a freezer ziplock plastic bag rehydrating in boiling water. Well made.

Jon Bentley
Bibbulmun Trail

Hi Guys, ask me again when I return from hiking the Bibb Trail in WA in September. Then I should be able to give you a proper review. Cheers Jon.

Good for a few things !

Used this a few times and it works great, keeping the heat in while the freeze dried meal sits makes it taste much nicer. I'v also been using it as a pot cozy for my Snow Peak Trek900. Solved my issues of the water going cold while im trying to make my pour over coffee and keeping my hand from burning. Also fits 2x 500ml asahis in it for a cold beer at camp. Recommend !