The Deuce #2 Ultralight Backpacking Trowel

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Been looking for the perfect ultralight cat hole digging trowel - The Deuce #2 has got you covered!

Handle up for soft soil or handle down for for more digging power the Deuce ultralight trowel is revolutionary!

• The Deuce® #2 is the ultralight trowel formerly known as The Deuce of Spades
• an excellent aid to leave no trace camping – it really helps you doo-doo the right thing
• revolutionary design: it can be used handle UP or handle DOWN!!
– QUADRUPLES the edge pressure for hard ground!
• digs down and carves unusually well because of its thinness
• large scoop make mockery 
of tent stakes or trekking poles for digging
• cuts right through small roots
• elegant, minimalist design
• surprisingly strong and tough – they're made of US-produced, aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum. This alloy meets mil-spec AMS4045 so it's not just "7075-T6," it's HIGH STRENGTH 7075-T6 which is almost impossible to get in other countries, especially China.
• Lifetime Warranty — guaranteed durability or we'll replace it
• good sand stake but even better for burying other things as sand anchors
• a great gift - bet they haven't got this yet
• eco-friendly – it's designed to need no packaging and it's 100% recyclable
• nice colors: Fire!, Ice, Sky, Lime, Orange, Blue
• it makes a very good boot- or shoe-horn
• yup, you can open a bottle of beer with it
• seriously perfect sandcastle sculpting tool
• you can fly with it in your carry-on
• at least one woman has used it as a standing-pee device - you go girl!


Customer Reviews

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Gets the job done quick

I used the trowel up in the mountains last weekend on a 3 day trip and was surprised how well such a light weight item could cut through hard soil. It didn't buckle or become damaged.