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When it comes to hiking we all need somewhere to store our food.

Our dyneema food bags are made from tough 1.43oz Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) formally cuben fibre with taped seams and roll top closure. They'll keep your hiking food safe and dry while out on the trail.

Various size options available help you tailor your hiking food bag to your trip.

Perfect overnight hike food bag, holding 1-2 days worth of food
Capacity: 8 ltrs
Weight:    28g
Flat dimensions: 38cm (h) x 23cm (w) x 12cm (d)
(sizing may vary slightly on overnight bags)

Our most popular food bag, holding 3-4 days worth of food
Capacity: 11 ltrs
Weight:    34g
Flat dimensions: 42.5cm (h) x 32.5cm (w) x 10cm (d)

The Med-Wide food bag is a shorter wider option to stand upright in most packs and hold 4-5 days worth of food for a single person
Capacity: 13 ltrs
Weight:    36g
Flat dimensions: 34.5cm (h) x 42.5cm (w) x 15cm (d)

This food bag is for the serious hiker who needs to carry 5-7 days worth of food at a time
Capacity: 15 ltrs
Weight:    38g
Flat dimensions: 44cm (h) x 42.5cm (w) x 12cm (d)

Made in Australia.

Dyneema food bags are virtually waterproof when rolled fully closed.

*All of our bags, pack cells, stuff sacks and zipper pouches are water resistant, however, they are not intended to be submerged underwater.

Pair it up with an ultralight cook kit:

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Toaks Titanium Spoon
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Excellent product and delivery service

These Dyneema food bags are excellent quality. I'm using them as dry bags in the two front pouches of my Aarn pack. They replace two silnylon bags and save weight without sacrificing durability. My only (mild) suggestion is to use velcro instead of a press stud for initial closure before rolling the top. I'm guessing the press stud will detach eventually, but I may be proved wrong. (and Velcro also has its downsides... filling with fluff, etc). Alternatively, reinforce the point where the two parts of the press stud are fixed with double fabric? Prompt delivery in difficult times. Well done!! It's great to have a DCF manufacturer/supplier in Australia.


Excellent product, stitching is great and they are perfect for my needs. looking forward to using the food bag on upcoming Tas trip

All Good!

Great stuff! I got the small which is a top looking bag that should be good for a 4-5 day tramp (all dehy). Haven’t had the chance to use it yet but it’s coming with me on my Great North Walk this winter. Highly recommended!


awesome quality product, medium was perfect food bag for a few days of good eating in the victorian high country with room left over. god damn it feels good to have this stuff being available locally! i remember seeing this seller linking this business when it started out on the forums, so happy to see the success!


Deceiving, much stronger than I gave it credit for, definitely worth the $.