Nylofume® Waterprooof Pack Liner - 27g

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Nylofume® Pack Liner

These Nylofume® liner bags are perfect for giving your pack an extra layer against water and moisture. Ultralight, completely waterproof and tougher than a garbage bag. Simply fold over the top to seal out moisture from above. You can patch them easily with packing tape and they’re also odor-proof, which might make them useful for food bag liners.

Great for packs of any and all sizes (just cut it down to fit smaller packs).


Material:          1.0mm Nylon polymer 
Dimensions:    50.8 x 94 cm 
Capacity:         52L
Weight:            26.8g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rhym De Havilland
Sit pad

Nice tidy small pad to use on any wet, rough, cold or dirty surface. Easily folds down to a compact size. Too big for the average handbag but great for the traveller. I use mine out on the trail, hiking, walking and picnicking

Larissa Barrows
Ripped before I even left home

Was so excited to use these after so many rave reviews, using them as an alternative to osprey waterproof stuff sacks. Had nothing sharp in or around the bag, pulled it out of my backpack a few times to re adjust stuffing the sleeping bag and noticed a huge split in the bag. Maybe it's just me... I am really careful with my stuff but I wouldn't be relying on this keeping me dry for the sake of a few grams of weight, sadly.

Kenneth Gailer

Light and seemingly strong enough , but needs to be bit wider. It would then be a great addition to any pack.