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SOTO Triflex Windmaster Pot Support

SOTO Triflex Windmaster Pot Support

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TRI-FLEX™ Folding Pot Support
Suits SOTO® Windmaster™ stove (sold separately)

Meticulously engineered and crafted, the 7g / 0.3oz. Soto® TRI-Flex™ is a compact folding pot support designed to fit the SOTO Windmaster™ ultralight stove.

The TRI-Flex™ support can be quickly and easily changed out with the 4-flex folding pot support supplied with the Windmaster™ standard kit. The Tri-Flex™ pot support is ideal for solo users and stows nicely on the WindMaster™ stove.
  • Constructed from Stainless steel
  • Provides stable arms to support a range of cups/pots/pans
  • Compact and ultra-light-weight design
  • Folds neatly to fit around Windmaster™ burner post
  • Manufactured by: Shinfuji Burner CO., LTD
  • Made in Japan
  • In use:   100mm x 100mm x 33mm
  • Stowed:  94mm x 10mm x 33mm
  • Weight:   7g / 0.3 oz
 *Stove and accessories sold separately. Kit includes only tri-flex support

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soto windmaster pot support

Great little addition quick and easy to fit and store well in pack