4 day ultralight hiking gear list

What's in my pack - 4 Day Ultralight Hiking Gear List

I thought it might be helpful to log onto LighterPack.com and input all the gear I actually take on a 4 day hike. This is a 3 season packing list as I'm not really one to go hiking in the snow. It's great to be able to adjust this list easily as my gear changes and save different lists for different scenarios. 

From doing this simple task I clearly see where I can make some serious reductions. For example, I could change my pack to a frameless DCF ultralight (possible 400g saving), swap my pad out to the new Therm-a-Rest Uberlight (100g saving), ditch the pillow and use one of my stuff sacks with clothing (60g saving) and say goodbye to my S2S collapsable cup (45g) - which I LOVE. Just by making these simple changes I could reduce my pack weight by 605g, which is a HUGE saving!! This would put my base weight under 4kg, pretty ultralight.

To be honest I could in fact go even further by using a light weight tarp for my shelter, changing my sleeping pad to a closed cell mat and leave the cooking equipment at home and cold soak all my food..... BUT am I really prepared to sacrifice comfort and my few luxury items to reduce my base weight - HELL NO !!!!

I know the argument is why carry more when you can carry less and increase the enjoyment of your hike? But in this modern day, technology has allowed us to have lighter fabrics and materials, which in turn means we get to bring more food and a few luxury items while still being lighter.

As far as official weight limits go, definitions vary, but it’s generally accepted that a:

Lightweight hiker carries a base weight under 9.1 kg
Ultralight hiker carries a base weight under 4.5 kg,
Super-ultralight hiker carries a base weight under 2.3kg   

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No first aid kit or PLB? Personally I would never do a multiday hike in Oz without a snakebite bandage.

John Gill

While this is a nice pack list some of the weights are totally out. You need to weigh everything and list everything. 1lt of water maybe 1000g but unless it’s floating the bottle needs weighing as well, Gas canisters have 100g of gas but the canister itself weighs 120g and is not a consumable. Tent stakes not listed? Duplex tents are not freestanding, Nice to say your ultralight but get the weights right and then see where your at. My base is 4.16 and I have weighed and listed everything, including guide lines etc.


Really well set out logical gear list with weights and categories really helpful thank you (i have perused tons of gear lists) cheers Eric

Eric Keidge

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