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Zpacks Ultralight 48" Carbon Fibre Tent Pole

Zpacks Ultralight 48" Carbon Fibre Tent Pole

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These Zpacks ultralight carbon fiber tent poles are the perfect substitute for setting up our tents if you do not use trekking poles

  • Tent poles are made from high-quality wrapped carbon fiber tubing with internal carbon ferrules. The tubes are stiff and have a high strength to weight ratio.

  • Straight tent poles are an alternative way to pitch tents and tarps that are designed to be set up with trekking poles. This carbon is rigid, unlike dome-style tent poles.

  • The poles are cut to fold flush with equal length sections. They are bound together with shock cord. The ends have vinyl end caps.

  • They are a short folded length, which makes them easy to pack up with your tent (in a tent pole sack).

  • We do not do any carbon cutting, but you can cut these down yourself with a hacksaw or rotary saw. Just cut off the end and replace the vinyl end cap.


    Length: 48" (122 cm)
    Outer Diameter: .433" (11 mm)
    Folded Length: 11.25" (28.5 cm)
    Weight: 74g

  • Price is per pole NOT 2 poles


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

So light and strong. Absolutely perfect for using with a tarp.

Very strong & very lightweight, however...

Very strong and very lightweight, however, the internal elastic cord that holds them together loses its elasticity after a few months of having the poles folded up while in storage. The elastic cord ends are deeply inset into the end poles, as such, they are inaccessible in order to untie and replace them. The end result of this loss of elasticity is that gravity will cause the poles to come apart after slotting them together. Aside from the aforementioned issue, the poles could be improved by having a little metal loop or 20mm(L)x3mm(Dia) spike-point at the end so as to affix cordage when using them with a tarp, rather than the rubber caps in the current design...