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ULH Insulated Food Pouch Cozy

ULH Insulated Food Pouch Cozy

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Works great with backpacking meals. Easily big enough for two person meals. Roll the top down just a little bit and pour the water in. Roll it back up and wait.

The Ultralight Hiker Insulite Food Cozy is a pouch made of insulated, reflective, durable, non-woven fabric. The cozy has a pouch cover or lid that closes with hook-and-loop fasteners that runs the length of the lid. Near the top of the cozy is a small plastic loop, which is sewn into the material. 

The bottom of the cozy is gusseted, which creates a more stable base when the pouch is filled. Near the gusseted bottom are two small, black elastic loops. When the cozy is folded in thirds, these elastic loops can wrap around the material to keep the pouch folded and compressed.

Some people roll down the sides of the insulated pouches to make it easier to eat out of the meal pouches.

The bags are highly packable as they compress down to nothing when not being used. 

It's probably best to think about the Big Sky pouch as a “thermos” bag—it retains temperature for foods that require cool storage, and also allows for a speedier cooking time for hot foods. You can use them for packing chocolate or energy bars on hot days, or literally anything you need to keep from melting away.

The PrimaLoft insulation is constructed from 70% post-consumer recycled content, and every meter of insulation used saves 2.5 plastic bottles from landfill. So you can feel pretty good about the way it's made as well.


- Insulated, reflective material to retain temperature
- Durable non-woven fabric
- Made with recycled and upcycled materials.
- Reflective fabric: we work with a factory that uses this reflective fabric to make other products where the fabric is reflective on one side and printed on the other. Fabric meant for the landfill, such as misprinted fabric is turned inside out so misprinting is not shown, or we buy left over end rolls and/or fabric scraps when available instead of sending the unused fabric to a landfill.
- Compressible, folds/stuffs to a very small size
- Freestanding design

Warning: A very hot pot may melt the fabric. Let pot cool below boiling temperature before placing into pouch. The fabric has melting point of 135C/275F. The pouch was designed for boiling water which is 100C/212F. 

Size (Double meal):
- Big enough to hold 2+ servings commercial dehydrated food
- Size: 25cm x 25cm (10in x 10in)
- Ultra Light weight: 43g (1.5oz)


- Add hot water to the meal pouches, then put them into the Insulite pouches to "cook".

Note: many times you may get busy doing other things while your meals are "cooking" in the pouch so you will happy to find the meals are still hot when you are ready to eat

The insulated pouches make it easier to hold "hot" food pouches.

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Customer Reviews

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Santosh Anand
Convenient time saver

I have used the insulated food pouch on my last tramp and found it worked well. I dehydrate my own dahl as I find the commercial stuff triggers migraines and tastes pretty bad as a vegetarian. I used aluminium food pouch’s which I brought off Ali Baba express.. 100 bags for about 20 dollars. These work better than plastic bags and help keep the heat in. 20 minutes is about right to rehydrate food and the insulated pouch keeps it hot over that time. In the evening I placed it in my down sleeping bag, which worked even better.

Food cosy

Tried this on a recent overnight trip. Ended up putting the food into the boiling water (broke the bag whoops) giving it a stir and putting the pot in the bag. Left for ~15mins. Food was actually still so hot, I had to let it cool a bit. Was pretty impressed at how well it works. I am now using it as the pot cover as it keeps everything together. I will definitely keep using it. I am interested to see how well it might keep things cool.