TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl

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The Toaks Titanium long handle spoon with polished bowl gives a really nice feeling in the mouth and makes it easier to reach the corner of the freeze dried hiking food bags. 
  • Toaks titanium long handle spoon with polished bowl.
  • Dimensions: length – 8.5” / 215mm; weight - 0.5oz / 15g.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Long handle and flat head make it easy to reach corner in bag.
  • Perfect for outdoor cooking and camping

Pair it with our Toaks Titanium 750ml pot or 900ml pot

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Best spoon ever

Love this spoon. The long handle makes it so easy to stir ingredients in my cooking pot .
Extremely light and so easy to clean. Also has a hole at the top of the handle to allow it hang off your pack if you wish.

Best spoon on the market

Do yourself a favour and grab this spoon with the polished bowl, you will thank yourself for it every time you shovel in a mouthful. Nothing worse than the spoons with the titanium bowls, yuck.
Long enough to reach the bottom of any ready made meal or pre prepped meal in a zip lock, no more food covered hands.

Toaks titanium long handled spoon

Choice spoon, have used it every day since I recieved it and will be purchasing another or two soon. Thank you Ultralighthiker.

Great spoon

If you eat stuff from a bag, this spoon is the best thing ever. If you eat stuff from a bowl, this spoon might be too long for you. Light and strong and the polished bowl is nice.

Brilliant spoon

Feels weird to leave a review for a spoon but it is such a great spoon that it deserves its 5 stars. Love ordering from ultralighthiker.