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Sawyer Fast Fill Adapter for Hydration Packs SP115

Sawyer Fast Fill Adapter for Hydration Packs SP115

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Fill your hydration pack reservoir directly from your screw on/off sawyer filter without removing it from your backpack with this accessory. (Hydration pack and filter sold separately). This handy Sawyer “hack” makes refilling hassle free.  This adapter kit was designed for use with the 1/4″ hosing and for our standard Squeeze Filter but can also be used with the Mini. 


  • Adapters attach to the directly to the drinking tube on most hydration reservoirs
  • Attach the Sawyer Squeeze water filter to the adapters and squeeze water into your reservoir via the easy to attach drinking tube
  • Made in USA

Compatible With:

  • Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter
  • Sawyer All-In-One Water Filter
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Easy to use!

I have a hydration camel bak bladder with a removable bite valve that fits in a sleeve in my pack.

This device fits onto my cnoc bladder or even many drinking water bottles and lets you inject water straight into the bladder in your pack, no more removing the bladder, opening it, pouring water in, risking getting things wet in your pack. Just click it into the camel bak tube and squeeze or hold it up above your pack and let gravity do the work. It’s quick and painless.

Brian Hearn
water bottle adaptor

worked a treat, good product