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Ultralight Hiker

Polycryo Tent Groundsheet

Polycryo Tent Groundsheet

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Have you been looking for a cheap, tough and super light groundsheet for your precious tent? We've got you covered! Designed by hikers for hikers to keep the weight off your back and protection for your gear without breaking the bank.

Constructed from industrial grade cross-linked polyolefin, means it is extremely tough for its weight with amazing puncture resistance.

Whatever you call it Polycro or Polycryo it's all the same stuff!

Simply open it out and cut it to size of the base of your tent. This will bring the finished  weight of the groundsheet down considerably.

Size: 1.52m Wide x 2.50m Long
Weight: 96g
Material: Cross-linked Polyolefin


Made from Polyolefin shrink film which can shrink slightly when exposed to extreme heat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Gary Harvey
Light as...

A sometimes overlooked bit of gear. Plus, you would not even notice that your carrying it!

Lynette Reid
A very surprising piece of plastic

It looks like a humble piece of frills , no attachments. However, it turned out to be up to the job, even on ground dotted generously with sharp little stones.
There were no holes it it after 5 days use.

Susan Webb
Exceeded expectations

Extremely lightweight and tougher than it looks. Used it on a 2 night hike, first night doubled over under my 1p tent, second night I cut it in half with my knife and used half as footprint and the other half to reduce friction noise from my sleeping pad rubbing on tent floor- worked an absolute treat, no problems.

Jaymii K.
Does the job nicely!

At the time of review I have used for 4 nights on trail.

- Very light
- kept the bottom of my tent clean and dry
- held up well at all campsites I used it on. But I always check for sticks before laying down.

- being clear you will have to be mindful of which side is the wet/dirt side and which isn’t . It will get very wet underneath from condensation (but that’s the point and stops my tent from that).
- hard to fold back up to small enough to fit in bag it came in again but just replaced with a bit bigger ziplock bag so can pack up wet on trail when needed.

- very happy and will recommend.
Considering to buying a spare as back up in my kit at home as I’m not sure how long it will last long term but so far no signs of wear and I think I have a lot of use out of it to go!


Perfect for tent footprint. Light and tough but also easy to cut to the exact dimensions required.