Spring has sprung, the weather is warmer, the days are longer and the smell in the air gets you inspired to get out there, back into nature. Before heading out - here are 6 mistakes to avoid hiking in the Spring. 


During Winter you haven’t been thinking about bugs at all. Spring is finally here and you’re about to head out for your first trip of the season and the bugs are back in town. It’s time to think about bug protection. The higher you climb in altitude the less bugs but remember to protect yourself from those blood sucking little creatures at lower levels. Hike during the morning and early afternoons to avoid them on trail. Choosing hikes with wide open sunny spaces rather than shady protected rainforests can lessen the amount you encounter. Lather yourself in bug protection and don a hiking shirt and long pants at night.


After a Winter in lockdown our skin is a little more sensitive than usual, so thinking about protecting yourself from the sun’s harsh rays should be on your mind. In the early morning as the sun warms our cold skin, it lifts our spirits, and gives us direction. Be that as it may, once the day warms up and the sun starts pelting it’s rays onto your Winter skin it can be a brutal danger for those ill-equipped. Bringing sunscreen and a long-sleeved top like a sun shirt or sun hoodie and a hat are the basic essentials. Sunglasses, lip balm and an umbrella increase your protection. These essentials not only help with protecting your skin from sunburn but go a long way to protecting yourself from bugs. 


A lot of times people overestimate their physical ability after Winter, we’ve sat around a little more than usual but think we’ve still maintained out fitness. Make sure you’re physically prepared for the trail you’ve chosen. Know the elevation gains, the type of terrain and the distance of the trail and ensure you’re confident enough you’re physically ready. Do a little training beforehand to ensure you remain safe and enjoy the experience.


Gear maintenance is really important. A lot of times, at the end of last year’s hiking season you’ve put your gear away and haven’t thought too much about it. A thorough inspection of your gear a week out from a trip gives you time to deal with gear issues. Don’t get caught out on your hike with a hole in your sleeping pad, or mould in your water bladder.

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In Spring you usually get larger temperature swings. The days are generally lovely but it’s important you’re looking at the overnight lows expected during your trip. Make sure you’ve got the right gear with you and are properly layering for those temperature swings.

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With all the excitement of finally getting out on trail it’s easy to forget crucial gear. Make a list, check it twice.

Download your list HERE and check off each item.

This season, get out there and enjoy coming out of hibernation safely and comfortably.


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