CamelBak Straw Tumbler Accessory Lid


This medium-sized Straw Tumbler Lid is ready to give you a splash-resistant, crystal clear, shatter-proof fit for our medium Tumblers and Mugs. It’s no secret, so don’t keep a lid on it: you won’t have to scrub away the latte foam or fruity smoothie debris, because this Straw Tumbler lid is dishwasher safe. The time saved on cleanup can be better spent devising your next getaway or perfect your latest health drink recipe. The Straw Tumbler Lid is free of BPA, BPS, and BPF. Celebrate conserving more of Earth’s resources thanks to this Tumbler’s reusable straw. From secure sipping to easy clean-up, this Straw Tumbler Lid has your drink covered (literally).