Scent Stopper Odourproof Food Bags


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NOTE: Scent Stopper bags are identical to Smelly Proof bags with different branding

The best method for keeping animals away from your food and gear is to prevent them from smelling food in the first place.

Scent-proof bags: simple and lightweight with unparalleled effectiveness. These bags use a hermetic seal and laminated layers of plastic with nylon reinforcement to create an air-tight, waterproof barrier. They have also been through bear-testing conditions to demonstrate that bears cannot find food stored inside these bags.

If bears can’t smell your food despite having a sense of smell 7x better than a bloodhound, then mice, possums, and other Australian pests don’t stand a chance.

This is an upgrade to the food bag you already carry- never risk sharing food with pests again!

Bag Features:

  • Recyclable plastic reinforced with nylon.
  • 30x40 cm, enough space for approximately 4 days of tramping food.
  • At 24g, it's lighter than most similar sized dyneema food bags.
  • Each reusable storage bag helps to keep hundreds of single-use bags out of oceans, waterways, and landfills.
  • Unbreakable seals and nylon-reinforced outer layer make our reusable storage bags the toughest on the block. Tear and puncture resistant.
  • 3-track zipper for a great seal every time, no vapours in or out.
  • BPA, Phthalate, Latex, and PEVA free and Phthalates because we use Polyethylene + Nylon.

Instructions for use:

  • Use to store your food, food packaging/waste, and other fragrant objects (lip balm, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Only touch the outside of the bag with clean hands to avoid getting fragrances on the outside of the bag!
  • Hand-wash to reuse.
  • Don’t microwave