Nitecore NTK05 Tiny Knife


The Nitecore NTK05 is a ultra compact, lightweight knife that is the perfect addition to your keyring. Made from aero grade TC4 titanium alloy, the folding knife offers high strength, low density and strong corrosion resistance. Keeping safety as a paramount concern, Nitecore have considered this in the design. The blade of the NTK05 cannot be dismantled or replaced when the knife is not fully folded and when it is fully unfolded, the blade locks for stable use. In addition, the two dowel pins in the body of the knife prevent the blade accidentally sliding out, plus the inclusion of a blade holder makes for level and steady operation. The Nitecore NTK05 has a No.11 scalpel blade which is easily obtainable if a replacement is required. The light and convenient knife is ideal for general, everyday carry to assist with applications from opening boxes to cutting string.