How To Use A Bush Cloth


Bush Cloth by Kiwi Ultralight, is essentially an environmentally friendly pee cloth used for drying off after peeing (not for poo!).

The front is a soft suede cloth which is used to pat yourself dry.  The back is a waterproof layer with a cool pattern to keep your hands dry and clean.  

Why use one?

While hiking most of us carry toilet paper for use in long drops and try to shake it off, or drip dry when we stop to pee on the side of the trail.  The “shake it off” method works great if you are only out for a day trip, but on longer trips this becomes a hygiene issue.  Using a Bush Cloth is a great way to keep yourself clean and helps to cut back on toilet paper usage, which is great for the environment.

Leave No Trace

Looking after our environment has become more important than ever and as a hiker it's our responsibility to practice Leave No Trace principles. Many people scatter toilet paper thinking it will decompose quickly but it can take up to 3-5 years.

The all new Bush Cloth cuts back on toilet paper is hygienic, reusable and great for the environment.

How do I use a Bush Cloth?

The Bush Cloth has 2 sides. One side is plain black suede which you use to wipe away any moisture after you pee.

The other is the printed waterproof side which you hold to wipe. No need to worry about any liquid soaking through to your hand.

After you've used your Bush Cloth, simply use the carabiner provided to hang it on the outside of your pack to dry. At the end of the day simply rinse out your Bush Cloth and hang it out on your backpack or a tree to dry. The UV from sunlight will ensure your Bush Cloth is odour free over a multi-day hiking trip.

When you squat for a pee in the outdoors it's a good idea to choose a spot 200ft from natural water sources.


Can I use it while I've got my period?

Of course you can! The absorbent black suede side will hide any blood and a the end of the day, squirt it with some biodegradable soap and water and hang it out to dry. Try combining it with a menstrual cup for a super LEAVE NO TRACE alternative. 

Is it going to be disgusting?

Believe us when we say, a pee cloth is a GAME CHANGER for women who hike, backpack, mountain bike, kayak, camp, ski, snowboard, boating, travel, sail, hunt,  and... well... pretty much anything.

The Bush Cloth will completely change how you adventure. You will feel clean and dry and never disgusting. Trust us - once you try a Bush Cloth, you'll never go back!  

The cloth is made of quick dry, moisture wicking fabric and will dry out very quickly.  In addition to this the sun’s UV rays will help sterilise the cloth.  If you really don’t like the idea of having your Bush Cloth touch your pack then you can use the snaps to fold it in half and keep the suede side in - however this will not dry out as quickly.

How do I wash it?

On a multiday trip we recommend you rinse the cloth out every evening (just water is fine) and hang it out to dry.  Once you get home you can throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your gear (cold wash, line dry).

What if it's raining?

If your Bush Cloth gets wet hanging from your pack on a rainy day - congratulations - you now have a wet wipe.  You can still use it in the same way, it won’t have such a drying effect, but it will still keep you nice and clean.  Once the sun comes back out, give it a good squeeze to get rid of excess rainwater, and it will dry out quickly.

Bush Cloths come in multiple colours & patterns.