Neve Gear Waratah Quilt


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The Waratah Quilt by Neve Gear is designed to be extremely versatile in various weather conditions. On warm nights, it can be opened up like a blanket to allow for better ventilation and breathability. On colder nights, it can be adjusted using a 1/4 length zipper footbox and draft collar to provide more insulation by cinching it closed.

The adjustable footbox is a feature that allows you to regulate the amount of warmth and insulation around your feet. This can be particularly useful when dealing with temperature fluctuations during the night.

The Waratah sleeping quilt is the perfect option for backpackers who prioritize versatility, weight savings, and customization in their sleep system. It easily integrates with your sleeping pad, providing comfort across a range of temperatures and climates while minimising bulk and weight in your backpack.

900FP Down

Made with premium quality 900FP goose down, allows for extra compressibility and 10% reduction in weight

10D Lightweight Fabric

Our silky smooth 10D fabric is the perfect mix between lightweight (23gsm) and durable enough to last

Differential Cut

A differential cut is when the outer fabric is wider than the inner fabric which gives the quilt more wrap around for better draft protection and more warmth

Neck and Footbox Draft Collars

The neck and footbox draft collars add extra warmth and seal out drafts such as from the small hole left after cinching the footbox

Pad Straps

Pad attachment system using elastic straps and clips on each side of the quilt to keep it secure on a sleeping pad and lock out drafts on cold nights.

Snaps & Drawcord

Snap and drawcord neck closure located at the top of the quilt add extra warmth


Comes with a 10L Dry bag, a storage bag and 2x pad straps

Pair it with the Thermarest or Nemo Sleeping Pads and a Kiwi UL Fitted Sheet