Many people asked me whether seam sealing their Lanshan tent with silicone glue is must. My answer is that it depends on the situation. If you buy a non PRO version, you don’t need to apply glue, because it has been taped in the factory and has high-performance waterproof ability. If you buy the PRO version which is made by 2 side silicone coated Nylon, congratulations, you will get a new skill!

This method works for any silicone ultralight tent. Not limited to the Lanshan tents.

You can find a syringe type device in the package got with your Lanshan Pro, we find it is the best gluing tool for ordinary people we can find. Although it does not necessarily have the simplest operation, the results turn out be the nicest looking.

You can purchase the GearAid SeamGrip here in store.



This is a reliable glue.

The official application instruction say to use a small brush provided and smear the seam, which is also done by most people, but we do not recommend this method because it is very difficult to operate and in the end your beautiful tent will become like this:


Our suggestion is to use the syringe we sent with the tent.

First of all, you should set up the tent in your backyard. It must be full pitched and tighten.

After that, squeeze the glue into the syringe. According to our experience, if your handicraft is good, half a tube of glue is enough. We don’t recommend applying a lot of glue, because it will increase the tent weight.



Before sealing, firstly is to make sure where you need sealing. The positions that must be sealed are marked with red, the optional sealing area is marked with yellow, and the area that does not need seam sealing showing as black. We do not recommend you seal all seams, because that will increase the weight.


The operation can be carried out from top to bottom. Hold the syringe in one hand, the other hand hold your wrist for stability. Apply the glue evenly along the seam. In the black UHMWPE patch area, apply it with your fingers after coating to form a thin layer of glue. Remember wipe your finger with paper towel after that.



If you are a DIYer, it's not a big thing! If not, this DIY experience will open up a new world for you.

After all seams are sealed, don’t hurry to pack the tent away. According to the performance of the glue, you need to let it dry for 1-12 hours.

In conclusion, If you feel that you are not good at DIY or a perfectionist, you can choose to seal only the red area, so that your Lanshan Pro can also withstand in the storm.

Finally, if you have a better seam sealing method, please tell us to benefit more people.

Lisa Pinder