Ditch Single Use Plastics While Hiking

Ditch Single Use Plastics While Hiking

How the Vesica and the Buc Can Help You Ditch Single Use Plastics

Got a single use plastic problem in your backpacking kit? We strongly recommend taking a closer look at the Vesica and the Buc.

The Vesica was designed to replace the beloved smart water bottle.  Like a plastic water bottle, it is compatible with a Sawyer filter, tall and thin to fit in pack side pockets, and lightweight. But it has a few pros smart plastic bottles don’t have:

vesica and sawyer

  • Can squish down when not in use so it takes up less space in your pack.
  • Can use it to squeeze filter without the bottle breaking down over time.
  • Can be used in a gravity filter set up without the need to “burp” the bottle.
  • Will not end up in a landfill in a few months.

The Buc was designed to replace the omnipresent Ziploc bag - specifically their use in backpacking cooking. The Buc is more durable than a Ziploc, seals more securely than a Ziploc, and, of course, is infinitely more reusable than a Ziploc. It is perfect for storing an all day cold soak in your pack or for cooking your hot dinner in at night.

cnoc buc food bag

cnoc buc cold soak couscous cnoc buc

Prep for backpacking season and ditch single use plastics in your backpacking kit at the same time! 


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