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UL Carbon Fibre 127cm Tent Poles

UL Carbon Fibre 127cm Tent Poles

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The Bonfus ultralight carbon fiber tent poles are designed to set up with the Duos tents when you are biking, climbing, kayaking etc., and for those who do not use trekking poles. 

We tested several tent poles in different dimensions, thicknesses, and types of carbon fiber and found the perfect balance between strength and weight.
The tent poles are made of high quality 3K woven carbon fiber with glossy surface finish for extra scratch protection. At both ends there are two plastic caps.

For our Duos 2P tent, two tent poles of 127cm are used. These weigh about 80g each and are made of 3 sections of 11mm thick carbon pole.

Weight: 80g each

Note: These are for the Bonfus Tents only. They are too tall for other trekking pole tents.

You can buy 125cm tent poles here for all other tents

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Customer Reviews

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Jared Hildebrandt
Needs Some Work

Design flaw is that the connections all use smaller diameter carbon fibre tubes so there really is no point in having this section small and the rest a larger diameter, just adding weight really. Will try to rectify by gluing larger diameter carbon fibre tube over the top at connections whilst leaving inner carbon fibre tube to help connection slot in.

Both ends have quite a slippery/smooth finish, will attempt to rectify by adding a basket type trekking pole tip to the ground end and a rubberised tip to the top end.