Tyvek 1443R Tent Groundsheet (PER FOOT)

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Tyvek is a great material for ultralight backpacking and as a groundsheet for protecting the bottom of your tent!
Sold per foot!

1443r Tyvek is lighter than the homewrap style, has a similar feel to paper, a high strength to weight ratio and is much quieter and more manageable than the homewrap.

Please note the roll width is 1524mm and it is sold per foot. 

Weight: 25gms per foot
Colour: White
Roll Width: 1524mm

Tyvek 1443R is made from high-density polyethylene fibres, is an extremely versatile material, offering a balance of physical characteristics that combine the best properties of paper, film and cloth.

An even lighter alternative is our Polycryo groundsheet


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Quality grounsheet

Good groundsheet when weight is not so much of a worry. Service is always first class with ultralighthiker too.