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Ultralight Hiker

Polycryo Groundsheet

Polycryo Groundsheet

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Been looking for a cheap, tough and super light groundsheet for your precious tent? We've got you covered! Designed by hikers for hikers to keep the weight off your back and protection for your gear without breaking the bank.

Constructed from industrial grade cross-linked polyolefin, means it is extremely tough for its weight with amazing puncture resistance.

Whatever you call it Polycro or Polycryo it's all the same stuff!

Simply open it out and cut it to size which will bring the weight down considerably.

Size: 1.6m Wide x 2.30m Long
Weight: 96g
Material: Cross-linked Polyolefin 25um


Made from Polyolefin shrink film which can shrink slightly when exposed to extreme heat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
James Haddow
Great ground protection and weighs nothing

Cheaper than the branded footprints, lighter and just as strong. Protects the tent and stops it getting muddy.

Ryan Seaman
Worked well on a bed of sticks

I used it doubled over on ground thick with small sticks and bits of broken branches and had no holes or damage to my mattress.

Anthony Lagerwey
Polycryo Groundsheet

Great ultralight option.
Does the job on rocky ground with no issues or punctures.
Just take care when deploying and packing away as it is not a Kevlar like option.
Take care of it and it will serve you well

Kylie Straney
Ground Sheet

Great for winter hiking, keeps tent floor dry and clean...Excellent service and delivery from Ultralighthiker

Ryan Miller
Good Ground Sheet

The draw to this sheet the weight - at just 56g it's hard to beat, and easy to justify bringing that added protection for your tent.

I have a 3F UL Lanshan 2 and it fits under the tent perfectly (with a little extra to spare, I usually just fold the excess in on itself.) I don't know if its the most durable, but if you do a good job at picking your campsite and cleaning up any obvious rocks/sticks you shouldn't get any holes (or at least I haven't yet)

It does come folded quite tightly (I actually thought I had been shipped half a groundsheet at first!) But just rub the corners edges (gently) with your fingers and it'll separate fine.