What if you get hurt while out hiking

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What if you get hurt while out hiking

It's always a concern about safety while out hiking and equally important you are prepared with a few first aid essentials.

Dixie has put out her latest video on the topic.


00:34 Foot Care
00:42 Properly Sizing Footwear
02:36 Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry
03:53 Blister Prevention
04:19 Treatment
06:05 Plantar Fasciitis
07:35 Chaffing
08:53 Sprains
10:20 Cuts and Scrapes
11:41 Poisonous Plants
12:37 Hypothermia
14:01 SNAKES
16:46 List of First Aid Gear to Consider Bringing:

List of first aid gear

Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin)
Antihistamine (Benadryl)
Anti Diarrheal (Imodium)
Blister Treatment (Moleskin/ Leuko Tape)
Gauze Bandages
Butterfly Strips
Super Glue/ Marathon Skin Protectant
Antiseptic Towelettes or Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Knife or Multitool
Needle or Safety Pin
Emergency Blanket
Emergency Beacon (Spot Device, InReach, etc.)

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  • Eric Keidge

    Hi Dixie I learnt much from reading this post. I have recently read the latest treatment for snake bite from The Royal Flying Doctors Service, Australia. all you have mentioned is correct except moving the patient, apparently if the bite patient walks or moves (leg or arm etc) at all the venom will pump rapidly through the lymphatic system and patient will die quickly. so splint affected area, then apply pressure bandage (not tornacade) to slow down invenomation over bite area down the limb them up the limb…… anyway medical treatment is always evolving like u don’t need to ID snake species because antidote is generic nowadays. in April I am walking a few weeks through Central Australian desert where the most common species is the number 1 venomous snake in the world (although somewhat timid phew) Inland Taipan so I recently updated treatment info and got emergency beacon. cheers Eric love your vlogs

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