Class of 2020 Thru-Hiker Vloggers List

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Class of 2020 Thru-Hiker Vloggers List

The thru-hiking season in the USA is just getting started. Each year thousands of people from all over the world attempt to hike the 3 long-distance trails in the USA. The Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail &The Continental Divide Trail. Only 1 in 4 will make it to the end. Who will make it all the way? Which Vloggers are we going to fall in love with this hiking season? Follow along and see what happens.

Lauren and Scott - From Melbourne Australia starting the AT NOBO March 2020. Lovely to be able to watch a couple of fellow Aussies out on the trail this year.

Tiki Bird Tracy - Attempted the PCT in 2019 but had to end her hike at mile 266 at Big Bear. Tracy is setting out on her second attempt of the trail in 2020.

Julia Sheehan - Hiker name Rocket, hiked the AT in 2019 and vlogged along the way. This year she's hiking the PCT and I suggest you subscribe to her channel, she's an experienced thru-hiker and vlogger and this year I'm pretty sure she won't disappoint.

Nutty Hiker - A photographer, a military wife of 4 kids who's a little nutty. Heaps of videos already on her channel. Check out her AT adventure.

Allen on the Trail - Got some great content already on his channel, should be good to follow this year

Wild on the Trail - Fulfilling a life long dream of hiking the AT. Happy bloke who's easy to watch and has a great editing style to his videos.

emartinsfontes - A father and son team headed out on trail. Philipi is 25 years old and always enjoyed hiking with his dad. They now have the chance to attempt this journey together.

John Petrie - a retired firefighter/paramedic, dad to three boys, husband, and scout leader. He's attempting his NoBo AT thru-hike in 2020 and expecting an adventure of a lifetime.

Taylor the Nahamsha Hiker - a young small business owner heard about the trail and couldn't resist the challenge. Looking to speed thru and complete in 120 days while her mum takes care of their business.

Alyssa Koch - looking to make some changes in her life and find herself.

Dales Outdoor Adventures - His plan is a flip flop hike northbound from Harper Ferry WV. to Katahdin Maine, then transporting back to Harpers Ferry to go Southbound to Springer Mountain Georgia.

Tarheel HikerLovely older lady who will be vlogging her trip

The vintage hikers - 60-something couple who will be starting their journey in march 2020

They Call Me Hickory - He digs deep to make sure he knows why he's doing the AT 2020. To test his limits and create the ultimate endurance challenge for himself.

Happy Go Londons - They have sold most of their possessions, including their house, and heading out on their greatest adventure yet.

The Trail Hunter - English bloke, who's an experienced hiker and vlogger. It should be fun to watch his PCT 2020 hike.

Kodak Hiker Her own - 43 year old mum of 5 kids, a veteran looking to become more humble after retirement.

Forgetful Bear Northbound 2020 - 22 year old from south florida wanting to hike the trail to become more a disciplined and motivated person.

Garden State & Baskets - These 2 hiked the AT last year and both had seperate channels. They sped thru their hike and I'm sure their speed will be even faster along the PCT this year. - Garden State - Baskets

Silver Linings Vegan Adventures - Tina usually hikes with husband Matt but will be hiking the AT NOBO in march.

Take-Hike-Mike AT 2020 - A family man with 4 kids who's been married for 25 years. Started dreaming about doing the AT 22 years ago and it's finally becoming a reality.

Dudley's AT 2020This Crazy Camping Canuck ... has been dreaming of the AT for decades. 2020 is the year! This introduction explains what drove an old man from a comfortable retirement to the hard life of a Thru-Hiker!

Rune Ravn - Fun young man and pretty good videos so far, should be fun to watch

Nicky and Ryan on the AT - Young couple who decided to quit their jobs as emergency room PAs and hike the Appalachian trail.

A Crone's Way - Flip flop hHiking the trail as her victory tour for successfully raising 4 kids to adulthood.

Hiking with Braids - Quit her job to hike the AT. Been backpacking for 5 years and completely fell in love with it. Suffers from anxiety and hoping the trail will help her heal.

Hiking with Yowie - Experienced female hiker attempting the AT this year

Hiking with the hound - NOBO planning on taking 5-6 mths and wants to be done first week of september and back for his daughters birthday. Wanting to do it for years and supported by his family.

The Plum Hiker - Young lady attempting the AT 2020

Kamper 2020 - current outdoor vlogger planning to hike NOBO. Married with 3 daughters. Recently retired and hiking the AT because he loves the outdoors and feels like it's something he needs to do.

DosGrumples Hiking - NOBO AT hiking couple showing what it's like to live on the trail for 6 months.

I know this is a huge list and there are plenty more who are yet to pop up. Happy watching everyone and don't forget the comment below on the ones you are following and any I've missed.

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