What to do if you run into bad weather

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What to do if you run into bad weather

It's important to be prepared for all changes in the weather before you hit the trail. Being prepared for rain, hail, lightening and wind could be a life saver.

Dixie has put out her latest video on the topic.


00:27 Be Prepared for The Weather Before You Leave
00:55 Pack Waterproof Redundancies
01:22 How I Pack For Rain
02:09 Rain Gear
03:39 Tip On Packing Food for Rain
03:59 Setting Up Camp in the Rain
07:27 Setting Up a Tent in the Wind
07:49 Dealing With Wet Gear On Trail
10:13 Hail Safety
11:00 Lightning Safety
12:16 Lightning Stance

It's not just about avoiding the bad weather before you leave, if you get caught out you need to be prepared. Make sure you have redundancies in place to ensure your pack is waterproof so you can keep your stuff dry.

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