What shelter to choose for hiking

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What shelter to choose for hiking

Choosing which shelter system to use can be overwhelming. Do you need a 3 or 4 season shelter, are you going alone or sharing, do you want some space, do you want freestanding ... so may questions!

Dixie has put out her latest video on the topic.


00:31 Tents (Pros and Cons)
02:19 What I Look for
04:19 Freestanding
05:22 Semi-Freestanding
06:07 Non-Freestanding
07:05 Double Wall
09:48 Single Wall
11:32 Footprints/Ground Sheet
12:33 Stakes
13:42 Tarps (Pros and Cons)
15:52 Poncho Tarps
16:45 Bivys (Pros and Cons)
18:24 Hammocks (Pros and Cons)
19:47 Components
21:38 Quick Summary

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