How to keep clean while hiking

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How to keep clean while hiking

When it comes to personal hygiene there are many methods you can use to keep yourself fresh and clean.

Dixie has put out her latest video on the topic.


00:37 General Tips for Staying As Fresh and Clean As You Want
02:11 Pocket Shower
02:37 Managing Long Hair
03:48 Brushing Teeth
05:32 Laundry
06:28 Shaving
07:08 Pee
10:32 Poop
13:51 Trail Bidet
15:12 Chaffing
16:04 Menstruation
16:30 Tampons
17:46 Menstrual Cups
18:47 Period Panties
19:28 Something to Keep in Mind About Your Fellow Hikers

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