How to cook and eat while out hiking

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How to cook and eat while out hiking

There are loads of options when it comes to cooking and eating while out hiking.  Deciding to cook or cold soak, how much to bring, how to store your food, these can all be big decisions to make before you head off. Not anymore, take a look!

Dixie has put out her latest video on the topic.


00:27 Cooking (Pros and Cons)
01:27 Cooking Options
02:51 No-Cook Options
03:08 Cold Soaking
04:07 How Much Food to Bring
05:31 Food Storage   Food Bags
05:41 Bear Bag
07:32 Bear Canister
08:02 Ursack
08:42 Where to keep you food in the desert
10:13 Stoves   BRS3000T
10:18 Fuel Canister Stoves
11:32 Alcohol Stoves
13:19 Wood Burning Stoves
14:33 Food Pot  Toaks 900ml
16:46 Spoons and Sporks  Toaks Spoon
17:38 Cups
18:29 Washing the Dishes

You can find some of the gear mentioned in the video here at Ultralight Hiker.

Or click the links below!

Toaks Long handle Spoon  
Toaks 750ml Pot  
Toaks 900ml Pot 
BRS 3000T 
Food Bags